Join hundreds of St. Lucians now paying their bills online through SurePay

J.E Bergasse launched SurePay in May 2012, and now eight years later its value is being truly appreciated, as COVID-19 has forced major changes to how business is transacted in St. Lucia and globally. SurePay now boasts of over 40 collection points islandwide.

In September 2019 SurePay launched its online bill payment gateway allowing the clients of our 18 billers the option to pay their bills, loans & insurance premiums online.  

These billers include “Flow, LUCELEC, WASCO, Digicel, Axcel Finance, Demerara Mutual, Massy United Insurance, Rubis Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia National Trust, J E Bergasse, Pan American Life Insurance, Sagicor General Insurance, Sagicor Finance, Laborie Cooperative Credit Union, Mon Repos Cooperative Union, Saltibus Cooperative Credit Union, Agostini Insurance Brokers, & Ascendancy”.  

During the month of March 2020, online registrations & transactions increased significantly. It’s safe to say that not only are these citizens practicing safe distancing measures, but ensuring the peace of mind that their bills are paid during this challenging time. 

Here is an interview with Irma Frank, the SurePay Coordinator in St. Lucia with the latest.