Junior Achievement Saint Lucia Alumni join in worldwide celebration

As one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs, Junior Achievement Worldwide prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship. For 100 years on a global platform, JA has delivered hands on, experiential learning in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. 

In Saint Lucia, the JA program since its introduction in 1996 has impacted the lives of 45,000 students. With 40 companies supporting the program on island, 60 schools involved and 300 volunteers, it is a true testament to the influence that JA has on the local community. 

In commemoration of 100 since the roll out of the Junior Achievement Worldwide program, the first-ever global alumni community, called “Gather” was launched together with the JA’s Centennial “I am JA” campaign which offers an opportunity for innovators, entrepreneurs, makers, and managers who got their start in JA to share with the world how they are changing the world. 

Alumni of Junior Achievement recently convened for the soft launch of the Saint Lucia Chapter of the Gather on Saturday 21st September 2019, where an interim board for the JA St Lucia Alumni Gather was commissioned. 

Executive Director of JA St Lucia: Ms. Agnella Joseph 

  • Chairperson: Ms. Ava St. Ange 
  • Vice Chair: Ms. Vangie Charles 
  • Secretary: Ms. Kendra Gaston 
  • Public Relations: Mr. Glen Lake 
  • Finance: Ms. Nina William & Mr. John Altius 
  • Mobilization: Ms. Genitta Pascall & Mr. Kirby Sydney