Katie Blair will attempt St. Lucia – Martinique channel swim on Tuesday

US-based endurance swimmer Katie Blair will attempt history on Tuesday when she swims from St. Lucia to Martinique and back.

The 40 mile swim has never been done.

Katie Blair is a 41 year old single mother of a teenage boy, Ashton. Currently she is studying for her PhD in Performance Psychology and writing a book that details her experiences from open water swimming.

Blair is a lifelong swimmer who grew up in Germany. She has over 20 years of endurance sports experience to include Ironman Hawaii finishes, swims of the English, Catalina, and Molokai channels as well as circumnavigations of Manhattan Island and Key West, to name a few.

In November, Edward “Ted” Lomicka and Chris Allshouse will each attempt swimming from Saint Lucia to Martinique at separate times. These two swims will take place just weeks apart.

Since 2018, this warm water channel has been completed 3 times with 5 attempts.