KFC Cul-de-Sac now open

Real Foods Inc./KFC opened its new branch on Thursday, March 25th.

General Manager Ottis Effs spoke about the journey it took to get to a fully established new restaurant.

According to Effs, a new Cul-de-Sac branch had been in the early stages since 2018, and within the yearlong COVID-19 pandemic, their efforts to complete the restaurant were being tested. With hindrances such as curfews and lockdown, a slow but steady pace was set.

General Manager Ottis Effs

The excitement by both the general populace and the surrounding communities were evident on social media and with the upcoming delivery service expected to reach the neighboring areas, this new establishment will be buzzing with activity for quite a while. It is expected to create as equal, or perhaps even more traffic than existing branches with its convenient location.

A new branch, while meaning quicker and easier access to customers, also means a great opportunity for new employment. With hopes for future restaurants, this new KFC branch looks promising.