Launch of Helen’s Daughters virtual Rural Women’s Agricultural Academy

Helen’s Daughters, a local non- profit focused on the economic empowerment of rural women, has launched the third edition of their Rural Women’s Agricultural Academy, dubbed the ‘Rural Women’s Ag- cademy’ (RWA). It has done so in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the second time that this program is being held virtually, as a way to continue the dissemination of agricultural education irrespective of the pandemic.

The program is completely free and seeks to strengthen the capacity of women farmers in agri- entrepreneurship, thereby facilitating job creation and income generation at an individual and household level.

Through the Helen’s Daughters Rural Women’s Ag-cademy, the initiative will provide access to virtual coursework in sustainable agriculture and agri-business development. This involves training in crop production and management, climate resilience, food safety, agri-business development, pricing and contract negotiation.

The program began on Wednesday, 10 February with a total of 65 registered participants and will end on Wednesday, 28 April for a duration of 12 weeks.