Lewis Industries launches the revolutionary EduClean campaign

From November 1st 2020 through to December 12th 2020, Lewis Industries Ltd, the country’s leading building maintenance and custodial services company, has launched its EduClean Campaign.

The intention of the Campaign is to bring greater awareness about cleaning in a more sustainable way, and greater knowledge as it relates to selecting the right products, the right cleaning methods and knowing how to use them sustainably.

Andre Lewis, Managing Director of Lewis Industries, stated “too many times we get it wrong and this is where these mistakes become costly and can negatively impact people’s health.” He went on to state that “we at Lewis Industries continue to play a central role, not only in our methods of doing business, but in continuing to lead the way in arming everyone with the proper skills necessary to clean well.”

The Campaign seeks to touch all sectors from businesses to schools, churches, homes and other areas of public use.

Dr. Thecla Fitz- Lewis, Director of Operations expressed that “Our business model goes beyond just floor restoration or deep cleaning or even sanitization. We offer comprehensive training packages to our clients so that they the investment they have made into their businesses and homes goes a lot further”.