Local company has big plans for Mold Awareness Month

Local company, H&L Environmental Services, is gearing up for an exciting September as it joins the rest of the world in observance on Mold Awareness Month.

Designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the month is designed to inform, educate and raise awareness about the adverse health effects due to exposure to indoor molds.

Each day in September, the company will feature a Tip of the Day that provides information on mold theory, how to correct mold issues, and other things necessary for people to fully understand molds better.

A highlight of this year’s Mold Awareness Month is a video conference themed “Climate Change and Mold” on September 30 featuring facilitators Dr. Jimmy Fletcher, former Saint Lucia Minister for Sustainable Development; and Patrick Moffett, an Industrial Hygienist and IICRC Instructor from California.

There will also be a special giveaway of a dehumidifier for which members of the public can get a chance to win by logging onto www.hnles.com or visiting the H&L Environmental Services Facebook page. The competition runs until September 30 with a draw slated for October 1.

The company will also organize a clean-up campaign in observance of International Coastal Clean-up Day later this month. Last year’s clean-up campaign at Fond d’Or Bay where a great deal of debris was collected. This year’s activity will be held on September 19 at Fond d’Or Beach.