Local entrepreneur donates face shields to CCC

A Local entrepreneur has stepped up to the plate, donating 30 locally crafted face shields to the Castries Constituency Council.

Miss Michelle Vickerie, owner of MVICK Variety Plus located in San Soucis, Castries, personally manufactured and handed over the face shields last week Friday.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Castries Constituency Council, Communications Manager Jason Hullingseed said the organization was extremely grateful for the gift.

Miss Vickerie for her part said after seeing the level of work that Council staff undertake in the city, she thought it was appropriate to make the donation.

“What we’re seeing in this city and most communities are men and women working hard to keep the streets clean in this very challenging time. As a result, I felt that the donation can make a huge difference and assist our people on the frontline.”

This is the first donation that Miss Vickerie has made to the council. It is her intention to donate more face shields to help protect CCC staff members against Coronavirus infection.