Lorraine Sidonie is the new CEO of Events Saint Lucia

The Events Company of Saint Lucia has announced the appointment of Mrs. Lorraine Sidonie as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).   

A former Commercial Director for Courts Unicomer OECS, Mrs. Sidonie brings to the organization over twenty years of experience covering a wide range of portfolios and skills, having been responsible for sales strategies and business plans across the OECS 

Her experience over the years covers several successes including doubling sales and market share for Courts retail businesses throughout the OECS, the launching of Unicomer (Saint Lucia)’ Call Centre to address customer service shortcomings and event initiatives such as the OECS Unicomer Reading Competiton.  

The Board of Directors has also thanked the former CEO, Mr. Thomas Leonce for successfully executing the yeoman task of birthing the organization and creating its successes to date.  His stewardship and hard work are greatly appreciated and has laid a solid foundation for the continuance of this very important mandate that of Events Saint Lucia. 

Mrs. Sidone commenced active duty on Monday, July 22, 2019.