Lots of plastic for the last day of Jua Kali Pop-Up Depot

“As we mark the ONE YEAR anniversary of the launch of the JUA KALI  Pop-Up Depots 2.0 this February 2020, we wish to inform all of our loyal customers and supporters that the Pop-Up Depots will be taking a break. Sunday, February 16th is the last Depot Day.

That was the word that prompted a huge response from St. Lucians at Jua Kali Pop-Up Depots at Massy Mega, Cul-de-Sac and La Tourney Vieux-Fort.

The Depots were relaunched in March 2019 with a goal to PILOT a collection platform for a full year to get a better sense of its viability and functionality. 

The data and plastics collected all year will be analysed with the intention of revamping the collection model and sourcing finance that will make the Pop-Up Depots a permanent fixture within communities across Saint Lucia. Jua Kali, established by Laurah John promises to be back.

Ms. John says “We are infinitely grateful for and indebted to all of our VOLUNTEERS who made the Depots come alive. We could not have done it without you! A special thank you to our PARTNERS and SPONSORS who have supported us throughout this Pilot: Massy Stores St. Lucia Ltd., Atwell Dalgliesh St. Lucia Ltd., Calabash TV, All Biz Media, LUCELEC, FLOW, SOL Petroleum, Bank of Saint Lucia, Blue Waters SLU Ltd., New Dock Plaza, Radio Caribbean International, the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority, Government of Saint Lucia, and the Saint Lucia National Trust”. 

Ms. John goes on to “thank every single customer who supported this initiative by participating and bringing in their recyclable items every Depot Day. You have shown that Saint Lucians are in fact ready to join the global environmental movement in becoming agents of change to safeguard our beautiful country”.

Customers who participated were able to secure Massy loyalty points

Through this pilot project the local startup company was able to recover 6 metric tonnes of waste from the public.

During the year Massy stores presented Jua Kali Ltd with a cheque of $17,200 for the processing and preparation of the recovered materials.