LUCELEC Scholarship programme boasts 25 students

The St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) scholarship programme now stands twenty-five (25) students strong.

Offered to children of employees who are successful at the Common Entrance exam, the scholarship covers all educational costs for students entering secondary school and exiting the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

That includes the cost of approved text books, stationery supplies, a uniform allowance, school bag, school/facilities fees and one time CXC fees and Cambridge exams.

The scholarship programme began in 1985. Part of the company’s employee benefit programme, it offsets the financial costs associated with school for parents.

This year, two new students were added to the scholarship programme. Nia Charles and Makayla Leon began the new academic year in Form 1 at the St Joseph’s Convent. The company also provided one student with a bursary.

There are currently sixteen (16) secondary school and nine (9) tertiary students on LUCELEC scholarships. Students have to maintain a 65% average in each subject and an overall average of 70% to retain the LUCELEC scholarship.