Maher Chreiki donates EC$205,000 towards St Lucia’s COVID-19 fight

Maher Chreiki and his group of companies have donated cash, masks and equipment to aid in the fight against the coronavirus.

“Maher Chreiki and Bay Walk Mall are pleased to donate the sum of EC $100,000 to the National Telethon for the COVID-19 cause.

In addition to this $100,000, Mr Chreiki has pledged another EC $105,000 for the following equipment:

  • 10,000 masks to be donated to the Government of St Lucia for further distribution to the public
  • 1,000 KN95 masks to be given to the nurses and doctors at the various hospitals and clinics
  • 100 blood testing kits equipment to test COVID patients
  • 50 temperature testing equipment for the testing of the patients.

Mr Chreiki and the Chreiki Group of Companies have always been on the frontline for supporting all the causes in St Lucia and today is no exception for this donation of EC $205,000. Maher Chreiki commented: “This is a time for us to do all we can to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. I thank all those on the frontline risking their health and life for us. Let us all do our part to keep safe and may God bless our country.” Loop News spoke with General Manager of Bay Walk Shopping Mall, Zai Karim-Mohammed, who talked about the donation saying: “This is the time for the corporate entities to step up to the plate. The island needs all the support it can get. The people of St Lucia require the corporate sector to show their support at this time… It is not just important, it is necessary and critical at this time for all to come together to do their part.”