Massy Stores donates US$100,000 to fight against COVID-19

The private sector in the OECS is responding in a meaningful way to a call from the OECS Commission to help fight against COVID-19 – the coronavirus which has been killing thousands and devastating economies across the globe.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues its rampage across the globe with over 60 thousand deaths worldwide. The OECS region is not immune to COVID-19 and is now facing potentially its biggest health and economic crisis.

The OECS Commission issued a call for all to partner in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. A call for partnerships went out specifically to the business sector.

Managing Director of Massy Stores St. Lucia Mr. Martin Dorville was among representatives of the private sector responding. He presented the OECS Director General Dr. Didacus Jules with a check of one hundred thousand US dollars as its contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

Dr. Jules went on to add that this is a fight for survival and the governments of the OECS cannot go it alone. The call was echoed by the Massy Managing Director Martin Dorville.

The OECS Commission says it needs support in three key areas to support Member States: the acquisition of medical supplies, education and continuity tools for displaced students, and strengthening strategic communications and advocacy to increase sensitization and encourage changed behavior.

It is the hope that many more private sector entities will rally to the call from the OECS Commission as COVID-19 mercilessly devastates large and small economies.