Mega Massy hosts first RePLAST collection point in Castries

The Managing Director of Massy Stores St. Lucia led by example as the RePLAST project launched the first plastic collection point in Castries.

Mr. Martin Dorville brought in plastic bottles that he and his family had set aside for recycling and seized the occasion of the official commissioning of the RePLAST collection point at Mega Massy to demonstrate a personal support for the initiative.

Massy Stores MD Martin Dorville chats with members of CYEN

Massy Stores has been an active partner in the RePLAST project, seeing it as a natural fit for its own initiative launched years ago to reduce the amount of plastics taken to the landfill.

Massy Stores, in 2018, introduced a plastic bag charge of 25cents, the proceeds of which went into an Environment Fund. There was consumer resistance initially but since then the initiative has been widely accepted and celebrated as a key driver of campaigns to rid plastic from the natural environment.

Mr. Dorville acknowledged that the decision in 2018 was a tough one to make but today is pleased to see the positive developments that have taken place since then. He commended the involvement of the St. Lucia arm of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network as a community partner for the RePLAST project.

Massy Stores is now aggressively looking at reducing the amount of organic and cardboard waste it sends to the landfill on a daily basis.