NCPC holds comprehensive orientation programme for new public officers

Public servants at NCPC forum

The Department of the Public Service has embarked on its revamped comprehensive orientation programme for new officers in the Public Service. 

The three day programme which commence on June 12th introduced officer to various topics aimed at enhancing their efficiency, productivity and overall knowledge of the rules and regulations within the government service. 

The Training Division of the Public Service said the orientation programmes are important as they inform new staff of the expectations of the organization in relation to what is demanded of them and to clarify any issues and burning questions new public officers may have. 

The new orientation programme brought together its first cohort of 22 staff members from various government departments and focused on topics such as professionalism and ethics in the workplace, customer satisfaction, time management, productivity in the workplace, stress management, Understanding NIC benefits, conflict prevention, safety and health in the work place and personal financial planning.