New executive for Golf Association

The St. Lucia Golf Association has a new executive.

Immediate Past President Vice President
Club Captain

Nominated Club Rep Floor Member

Floor Member

The main objectives are:

Dr. Kent Glace Michael Gordon Mario Reyes

Ben Gillmor Dr. Dharmendra

Joan Paul

Simone Skinner Habib Chreiki

Harith Khan

The main objectives are:

a)  To foster, develop and maintain a high standard of Golf in St. Lucia

b)  To fully promote and support the development of junior golf in St. Lucia.

c)  To uphold the rules of Golf as laid down from time to time by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews and the United States Golf Association.

d)  To arrange dates for and
to regulate and manage all championships and other competitions promoted by The Association.

e)  To decide all doubtful and disputed matters in connection with the game of golf and the rules and regulations in respect thereof. f. To carry through any matter or undertaking which in the opinion of The Association will assist in the advancement of Golf in St. Lucia.