“No wholesale land clearance” as Canelles Resort Development breaks ground

Artist impressions

The Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Ltd as broken ground for the Saint Lucia Canelles Resort Development.

A posting from Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on his Facebook page provided details noting that this project offers a unique resort experience where wellness is defined more broadly than rest and healing alone. 

The PM notes that the resorts also offer exclusive opportunities to participate in cultural, artistic and educational experiences as well as local community stewardship activities.

Some of the key measures taken to ensure this important wetland is protected include a 30-50 metre buffer along the boundary with the site and planted with indigenous trees with the assistance of the Department of Forestry. The replanting of this currently degraded area, will be also earmarked for reforestation under a project soon to be on stream.

This is important as the wetland must be protected from invasive, non- indigenous species to maintain its integrity.

There will be no wholesale land clearance for this project. In fact, land clearance will be staged with sediment control measures, and mature and indigenous trees will be tagged and maintained as far as possible with the assistance of the Department of Forestry.

The boundary of the buffer area will be physically demarcated as early as next week along with the Department of Forestry and construction will commence in the dry season to reduce sedimentation.