OECS Commission to support Consumer Protection under the 11th EDF

The 11th European Development Fund (EDF) will provide a new boost to the OECS’s commitment to implementing this framework, and advance the improvement of conditions for consumers.

Under the 11th EDF the OECS will be executing several initiatives aimed at improving the Consumer Protection environment in the region. This includes activities aimed at building capacity and improving efficiency in Consumer Affairs public offices in Member States as well as providing public advocacy support.

Jamaica Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is recognized as a best-practice in the region, with well-established databases and online applications for serving consumers.

The OECS Commission met with Jamaica’s CAC virtually on October 1st, 2020 to discuss their mobile app (which was launched in December 2019) and explore possible areas for collaboration to support Member States in advancing consumer protection in the region.

This served as an important point of departure for the work which will be accomplished under the 11th EDF. It sets the groundwork for a much-needed broader set of dialogue involving Consumer Affairs Departments across the OECS.