OECS continues focus on blue economy with June 17th webinar

The world’s ocean offers great potential for economic growth and development, improved livelihoods and jobs, and closing the gap on poverty and unemployment rates.

Dr Didacus Jules, Director General of the OECS Commission notes that “As large ocean states, we have much more ocean than land, and we need to recognise, and take up the tremendous opportunities that our ocean resources can deliver to all our citizens, if we plan, manage and care for them in a sustainable and responsible way.”

As one of the key blue economy frontrunners in the Caribbean, the OECS has taken a first step to enabling transition to a blue economy through the development and adoption of the Eastern Caribbean Regional Ocean Policy (ECROP) and associated Strategic Action Programme (ECROP SAP).

In June 2020, the CROP is hosting a webinar series. The first webinar, Delivering Good Ocean Governance in the OECS took place 10 June 2020. It was designed for technical officers and introduced the concept of a blue economy, the principles of good governance and explained how ocean governance is being delivered in the OECS.

The next webinar on 17 June 2020, Looking After Our Oceans in the OECS, will engage students, civil society organisations, and the general public; and the final webinar will focus on A Blue Economy for the OECS and target high-level policy makers. The date for the final webinar will be announced on the website.