OECS Music Talk continued in Grenada

The OECS Competitive Business Unit (CBU) continued its Music Mentorship and Artiste Development Programme in the Spice Isle, Grenada, with the second installment of the OECS Music Talk series, on Wednesday 24 July, at the Grenada Trade Center.

Music Talk is a programme targeting emerging musical talents in the OECS, connecting musicians 30 years and under with established and experienced professionals in a series of discussions across OECS Member States.

Each Music Talk programme highlights the contributions and celebrates the achievements of some of the region’s leading musicians, who will serve as mentors to the young musicians. 

The programme is primarily aimed at providing young musicians with the opportunity to learn from these experienced and seasoned music professionals, create an avenue to discuss critical issues facing the music industry, help to build a platform for mentorship and coaching of emerging musical talents and to identify and build a cadre of young musicians for the work of the CBU in the music sub-sector.