OECS YES In Action features Lorine Bozin

This month, OECS YES In Action caught up with Lorine Bozin, a Martinican leading a youth empowerment network and paving the way for others to follow in her footsteps!

The Martinican entrepreneur and youth leader supporting the development of the Caribbean region through educational tourism

Tell us a little about yourself. In her own words.

I am from Martinique and I grew up in Paris. I completed my first degree at a preparatory class in the Grandes Écoles, in Economics and Business, then joined a business school and earned a Masters in Management with a double specialization in Digital Projects Management and International Relations. I studied for a long time because I found my academic adventure to be very positive. The support and kindness of my teachers allowed me to reach my full potential. Today, I work for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Haiti.

What inspired you to start the Edu-carib program?

What inspired me to start the development of the Edu-carib program was essentially the lack of information on existing educational programs and trainings based in the Caribbean basin.

When I was younger and I was interested in pursuing university studies in the Caribbean I faced some barriers as the information online was so scarce. No platform listed, in a structured way, the training by specialty that was available in Caribbean educational establishments. It is from this experience that the Edu-carib project was born. This platform allows students wishing to pursue their studies in the Caribbean Basin to have a global platform, easy to use, where they will find practical information about the training available in the region. Edu-carib.com offers a range of practical information and everything you need to pursue your dream studies in the Caribbean!

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Extracted from the OECS Commission website