PCD: commits to keeping supermarkets, stores and shops well stocked

Peter and Company Distribution in St. Lucia has given its customers the assurance that its warehouse and fleet of distribution vehicles will be operational as restrictions are announced in response to the fight to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Chief Executive Officer of Peter & Company Distribution, Michele Kalloo, has given their customers the assurance that the warehouse, sales vans, and delivery trucks which service shops, mini-marts and other accounts throughout the country will remain operational as part of essential services keeping the country supplied with critical products such as milk, baby formula, diapers, OTC drugs, canned food, cleaning and personal care products.

Although the Sales and Distribution centre is under lockdown. The company is promising St. Lucians that all is being done to ensure that its supply chain remains open.

The PCD CEO went on to give a further assurance that every customer will have access to available goods as unusually large bulk orders will not be PERMITTED– instead decisions will be made on historical sales averages.

PCD has also taken a strong stance against price gouging amid concerns of this unethical practices. Ms. Kalloo says Peter and Company Distribution or any of its affiliates PCD Food Mart, PCD Wines and Spirits and Wet and Cold Express will not be tolerating price gouging.