PCD wins Diquez Sales and Distribution Excellence Awards

Peter and Company Distribution (PCD) has been awarded the ‘Distributor Achievement Award 2020’ for Sales and Distribution excellence for the Diquez range of baby and personal care products from Intersol Limited, the brand owner.

PCD accomplished this feat by achieving 2020 sales targets, new product launches and a sustained drive towards strengthening the INTERSOL/ PCD relationship in St. Lucia despite the current Covid-19 impacted economic climate.

Ms. S. Benjamin & PCD Sales Team Celebrate their award

The Intersol Distributor Achievement Award is granted to a regional distribution partner that has accomplished the highest and most sustainable sales growth throughout the year.

Of the nine (9) regional territories in which Intersol has distribution, PCD was one of two companies to receive the award for sales excellence. The other recipient is in Grenada.

Ms. Sarojnie Barclay-Benjamin, Pharmaceuticals Sales Manager expressed the PCD sales team’s excitement and pride over this recognition from Intersol Ltd.