Richest horse race in the Caribbean this Friday December 13th

Almost everything is in place for the first-ever thoroughbred horse race in the country.

One of the December races has been dubbed ‘The Richest Race’ in the Caribbean that is the race known as ‘The Pitons Cup’ where the winner gets a purse of US$150,000.

Forty thoroughbreds were flown in from the United States to Saint Lucia by the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club for the races. They were put on sale to Saint Lucians each with a price tag of US$20,000. While to date it cannot be said how many horses have been sold, that information not forthcoming, several deposits of EC$500 have already been collected, according to Eden Harrington, director of the Club.

Information about the races and the betting system, which is legislated, are now being pushed into the public domain in an effort to brighten whatever dark or grey spots that may still linger in the minds of Saint Lucians regarding aspects of the aforementioned.

The Turf Club held an open house in the week’s leading to Friday’s race to give St. Lucians an appreciation of what’s involved in particularly the betting procedures and an update on the construction of the facilities and amenities for horse-racing.

Calabash TV was among invited media. Here is the report.

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