Sabina Valmont: SBA’s success will depend on strategic partnerships

The first elected President of the Southern Business Association Sabina Valmont says businesses in the south have found a voice that will speak on their behalf.

The Southern Business Association held its inaugural Annual General Meeting to signal its transition to a legal entity which will advocate and lobby for its members, drawn from Dennery on the east coast to Soufriere in the west. Sabina Valmont chaired the interim committee which paved the way for the establishment of the Business Association. She was subsequently elected President of the Business Association at its 1st AGM.

In her final address as chair of the Steering Committee Ms. Valmont praised her ‘warrior’ members for their support of the initiative to launch their very own representative organisation, commended veteran business advocate Edward Harris for his guidance and counsel.

Ms. Valmont said the business community in the south desperately needed a voice to fully explore its potential as a contributor to national development. She told her members that strategic alliances with business development organisations, the community and government in particular, will be key to their success. 

“In order to move our agenda forward we will employ strategies aimed at establishing solid lines of communication between the government and our represented members with a deliberate intention to minimize the areas of difference and to maximise areas of common ground”. 

The new SBA President says the south needs a coordinated voice, a collective viewpoint and clear positions to advance the economic development of the south.

She also told her members that adherence to best practice will give them the competitive edge required to survive these challenging economic times. Over 40 businesses in the south have signed on as members of the SBA.

View the address by Sabina Valmont here