Sagicor honouring Telemedicine claims Leading insurance company Sagicor has extended its health care coverage during COVID-19.

The company has announced that it will be honouring claims related to telemedicine – the practice of remote consultations by medical practitioners who utilise clinical solutions supported by technology. 

Initially the programme will involve a specific pool of health and medical providers. Others, who have the technological capability to deliver a virtual, yet personable doctor-patient experience, are also invited to come on board. 

Clients of Sagicor will be allowed to engage with their medical practitioners and specialists and submit claims for services relative to general practitioner consultations, specialist consultations, one-on-one psychiatrist/psychologist consultations, physiotherapy and speech therapy. 

Vice President – Group Insurance of Sagicor Life Inc., Susan Boyea, said the programme was accelerated as part of Sagicor’s efforts to flatten the curve during this pandemic. She added that coverage for telemedicine will facilitate access to healthcare services for clients, especially those with chronic medical issues. She also stressed that internet use by 75 per cent of the population clearly spoke to the market’s readiness for such an initiative.