Saint Lucia continues under existing Covid-19 Prevention and Control Protocols

In an effort to continue to manage the Covid-19 pandemic in Saint Lucia the existing protocols will continue until Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

On January 22nd 2021, the Government of Saint Lucia rolled out a series of Covid-19 prevention and control protocols for a ten- day period in order to curtail non-essential movement to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Chief Medical Officer Sharon Belmar-George

A meeting of the National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC) and stakeholders will take place on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 to further review the existing protocols and chart the way forward.

Following which, the Prime Minister will update the nation with regard to the implementation of any new measures.

The announced decisions which still stand are as follows:
• WORK FROM HOME AND REDUCED CONTACT MEETINGS All organizations and businesses should continue to implement a Blended Service/Operations Approach where possible for all operations and employees.

Additionally, where possible, there should be a complete move to staff and board meetings being held virtually/online platform.

• BUSINESS OPERATING HOURS (COVID19 ACT, SECTION 17) All Business Operations And Commercial Activities Must End By 9:00PM Daily, as guided by The COVID19 (Prevention & Control) Act, Section 17(2)(b).