Saint Lucian manufacturers continue to find export success in the Caribbean region

Another Saint Lucian manufacturer is set to further exports within the Caribbean Region in October 2020.

Chemico (Chemical Manufacturing & Investment Company Limited), a manufacturer of a variety of domestic/industrial cleaning products, having been introduced to buyers in Dominica through Export Saint Lucia in 2019, will finally see months-long negotiations bear an astoundingly positive result.

The Mission was the result of a research-led initiative for exporters who were market-ready and desirous of exploring the regional territories.

This shipment to Dominica a first for Chemico will consist of a 20- foot container filled with various Chemico branded household cleaning products destined for the shelves and eventually the homes of Dominican consumers.

Thomas Roserie, Owner/Managing Director of Chemico said that despite lengthy negotiations, he was pleased to see that the entire process proved to be fruitful and the prospects for growth in quantity seem favorable.