Sak Sa – the Children’s Kwéyòl Colouring and Activity Book

Sak Sa is a children’s colouring and activity book created specifically to teach children Kwéyòl vocabulary as well as Cultural items and concepts associated with life in St. Lucia and the Caribbean.

Additionally, other educational aspects such as shapes, colours, penmanship and letter identification are thoroughly covered in the book.

This book is interesting, educational and exciting to both children and adults!

2020 and 2021 has forced us all to spend more time at home. As a result of this, we have had to search for ways to entertain and educate our children. Sak Sa will definitely be helpful in this regard and also serves as a way to pass on rich aspects of our language and our culture to the next generations.

The creator of this book is a young mother of two who sees the immense value of wholesome education for children i.e. academic, practical skills, and cultural knowledge in order to become a well-balanced adult. She also deeply values our St. Lucian traditions and is seeking to immortalize these traditions through this book.

This book is 100% St. Lucian- It was created by Huanna French-Leon, illustrated by Mya Symister and the cover was designed by Dalan James.

Available locally at M&C Drug Stores (Bridge Street, Gablewoods, Baywalk Mall), Excellent Stores (Johnson’s Centre), and Nellies World (Baywalk Mall and Castries) for $27.00 and on Amazon for $9.99 USD.