SALCC’s new programme trains the next generation of entrepreneurs

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College announces its game-changing programmeentitled ‘Gateways to Global Careers’.

This is in keeping with the 2021 theme for independence ‘A Resilient Nation. We can, we will’, and promises to create a ‘resilient nation of young, successful entrepreneurs’.

Gateways to Global Careers commences on March 1st, 2021 with a Seminar and Workshop Series featuring presenters from Harvard University, Arizona State University and Fortune 500 Companies.

The Programme requires participants to engage in:

  • Design Thinking Workshops in which they will prototype products for eventual commercialization
  • An Idea Generation Competition
  • A Summer (one month) part-time Project: Community Sustainability Project or Foreign Exchange Programme or Joint University Virtual Design Project or Assisting a local Entrepreneur in creating a new product
  • A week-long Cultural Immersion Workshop featuring presentations by various embassies
  • An Incubator Space Experience, where they are to run a ‘for-profit’ business

The Programme which runs over two years offers all of this without the stress of paperwork and written projects, as it is designed to be hands on. Gateways to Global Careers is now offered to the General Public at an affordable rate.

For more information please email or call and WhatsApp (758) 287 – 5562.
Contact: Brent St. Catherine – (758)485-7233