Shaping the image of Saint Lucian Music

Export Saint Lucia, the Cultural Development Foundation and the Department of Culture and Creative Industries continue to inject much needed resources into Saint Lucia’s promising Creative Industry.  

Arthur Allain [left] was one of the attendees

In September this year, the Agencies collaborated to host a development workshop facilitated by renowned industry expert Stephen Phillip.

The workshop sought to assist Dennery Segment and Soca music artistes and managers in improving their image and marketability. 

The two-day training initiative covered several areas under image and branding including: 

  1. Your Music – sound, quality, production, labelling, presentation.
  2. Your Brand – profile, logos, websites, imaging, target markets, merchandising, packaging, consistency.
  3. Your Business – copyright, distribution, streaming, publishing.
  4. Your Digital presence – social media, hashtags, captions, images, tags, video.
  5. Your physical presence – appearance, speech, diction, voice projection, gestures, body language.

The twenty-seven artistes who availed themselves of the training and development opportunity expressed gratitude for the initiative and their eagerness to apply the extensive knowledge acquired from International Stephen. 

Five-time Saint Lucia Groovy Monarch Arthur Allain expressed his sentiments about the training area “I believe that image, marketing & branding play a significant role in the development of any artiste. As much as we have the talent, it is only a small portion of what it takes to make it in the international arena. I applaud the efforts of all involved to actually give us the opportunity to learn and ensure that we don’t take this aspect of the music industry for granted.