Should teleworking be continued by government post- COVID19?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the government of St. Lucia to quickly adjust its mode of operation to rely more heavily on its virtual platforms for business continuity in the provision of vital services to the public.

Systems Administrator at the Department of Finance, Leton Clovis, said working remotely is not new to officers in the Department of Finance.

“We had already set up a VPN or a Virtual Private Network, that actually allows us to log into our network in order to access those services, and actually a lot of our staff, well mostly the heads of our departments, have had access to the VPN long before COVID. So it is not anything new for us. In fact, it was actually an advantage because when the time came for us to implement it because of COVID the system was already in place.”

Clovis added that working remotely allowed for greater levels of productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing officers to continue working on projects from the comfort of their homes while observing health and safety protocols.

Clovis stressed that maintaining a proper work-life balance is extremely important where time is allocated to work, family life, and relaxation.