SLASPA Anticipates Projected Increases in Cruise Traffic

The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) anticipates a projected increase in cruise calls to Port Castries for the year 2019/2020. 

The projection follows a bustling commencement of the cruise season, November to March. Already in the first month the island has welcomed almost 13 vessels. 

Representatives of SLASPA joined Platinum Port Agency, Ministry of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) and Invest Saint Lucia during this Inaugural call. The 814ft vessel accommodates more than 2000 passengers and 780 crew members. Marella Explorer 2, is an addition to TUI’S fleet of century class vessels that offers a unique service, the first-ever adult-only experience. 

Last week, more specifically November 5, 2019, SLASPA joined key agencies during the inaugural call of Mein Schiff 2 to Port Castries, another addition to TUI’S fleet. 

Saint Lucia’s cruise tourism projections are significant, having already realised a 70% boost of the previous year’s approximated figure, 371 calls. The visit by these two vessels in addition to the Carnival, Norwegian, Freedom, Explorer, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity lines, will further complement these expectations.