SLICTA –pay attention to cyber-security

Following media reports of a NEMAC video conference on January 18, 2021 being invaded by so-called ‘freedom fighters’, the ICT Association of St. Lucia (SLICTA) is reminding the Government of Saint Lucia, its various agencies, NEMAC, and the wider public of the need to ensure that virtual meetings are operated in a secure manner.

Popular video conferencing platforms — including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Jitsi, etc. — already provide tools to improve meeting security, particularly following reports of intruders interrupting and disrupting meetings (“zoombombing”) last year when online meetings increased in popularity.

Video-conferencing platforms offer security options to secure meetings by using passwords and also ‘waiting rooms’ or “lobby” to screen incoming participants. The meeting administrator can deter zoombombing attempts by preventing participants from (1) using their microphones, (2) activating their video cameras, or (3) presenting content from their screens unless individually permitted by the meeting administrator.

Attendees could also be denied the ability to change their screen names to prevent them defeating these security checks by assuming another identity. More sophisticated tools may provide useful forensic details such as username, device ID, IP address, location, network type, and connection time.