SMA applauds government on Article 164 implementation

The St. Lucia Manufacturers Association has applauded the Government of Saint Lucia for the implementation of Article 164 to support local manufacturers.

The Executive and Members of the St. Lucia Manufacturers Association believe this will assist members who produce the seventeen items covered under this regime to continue enhancing their businesses in an effort to increase their market share while maintaining and increasing the employment of St. Lucians.

The St. Lucia Manufacturers Association is of the view that its quest for excellence and the opportunity given to our members will provide them with the continued drive to compete worldwide thus helping local producers remain a significant player in the growth of the GDP of Saint Lucia.

The Manufacturers Association also welcomes the opportunity to increase business activities both in St. Lucia and via export of goods worldwide which will contribute positively to the St. Lucian economy. 

The recent support from the Government of St. Lucia where VAT was deferred to be paid at the point of sale rather than at the point of entry has also assisted St. Lucian manufacturers with better cash flow management and purchasing power to benefit from bulk purchase which can be filtered to better quality of service to the consumers.