Spas, barbershops and beauty salons to remain closed

The Ministry of Commerce wishes to remind all operators of Spas, Barber Shops and Beauty Salons that State of Emergency (SoE) measures remain in effect with regards to the temporary suspension of such operations.

This reminder comes in light of the many reports reaching our office of various Beauty and Barber Salons recommencing operation during the COVID19 pandemic.

Such commercial activity, at this time, is in direct violation of the Emergency Powers (Disasters) (COVID 19) (Curfew) (No. 6) Order.

The Ministry says it continues to work closely with all stakeholders towards a phased reopening of the economy and are grateful for the many positive contributions from our sector partners in this regard.

The Ministry says it will communicate the effective date the sector can resume operations and provide all relevant guidance.

For more information on this matter, please contact the assigned official within the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Esli La Feuillee at telephone number 468-4214 or email