St. Lucian neurosurgeon performs complex brain surgery at OKEU

A team of neurosurgeons has raced against the clock to save the life of a 55-year old St. Lucian male patient at the Owen King EU Hospital.

The patient was the victim of a tragic motor vehicular accident that placed him in a coma. He sustained severe injuries to the head, spine, and chest; with the head injuries being the most life threatening. St. Lucian neurosurgeon, Dr. Curby Sydney, led the team in a four (4) hour long surgery.

Dr. Sydney explained that the procedure involved the use of specialized equipment to open a large window through the skull, essentially removing almost half the skull.

The surgery was a success and the first major step in saving this patient’s life. He is on his way to recovery, being managed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses.

This was the first of such complex brain surgeries performed at the OKEU Hospital since the recent transition from Victoria Hospital. Dr. Sydney and his team have performed many similar procedures at the St. Jude, Victoria and Tapion Hospitals over the past seven (7) years of practice in St. Lucia.

This surgery was made possible by the specialized equipment and medical expertise of Cana Neuro Services, a St. Lucian based company dedicated to treating patients with diseases of the brain, spine and nerves and specializing in brain and spine surgery.