St. Vincent and the Grenadines launches “Love Box” initiative

St. Vincent and the Grenadines continues to be a leader in the hemisphere in its fight to reduce hunger. The island nation was notably the first OECS Member State to establish a Parliamentary Front against Hunger and Undernourishment.

The Government recently launched a “Love Box” initiative to provide support to families which may have experienced food vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting on 11 May, 2020, Langley Park Palletisation Centre, Lauders Agro-processing Plant, La Croix Palletisation Centre and Rose Bank Community Centre will be the purchasing stations for produce from farmers for redistribution.

Farmers will be permitted to come to these facilities and retail produce to persons wishing to purchase.

The SVG COVID-19 Food Producers Care Programme has three main segments.

1. The Establishment of Farmers Markets;
2. The “Love Box” Initiative; and
3. Farmer’s Support Company Access to Credit and Grants.

The Ministry of Agriculture will also provide support to these farmers in the areas of food packaging and transportation.

The process of distribution will be managed by churches and civil society organisations working in conjunction with the Ministries of Social Development and Ecclesiastical Affairs.