SurePay welcomes four new billers

Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, SurePay is pleased to welcome four new billers, bringing the current number of billers on the island, using SurePay, to twenty-two.

The new billers are: Courts Saint Lucia, Sun General Insurance, Fast Cash      St. Lucia, and Agostini Insurance Brokers.

Since launching in late 2012, the company’s stated mandate is to become the one-stop convenient bill payment service for its Saint Lucian customers, both individual and corporate. 

To date, we continue to see significant increases in the number of customers choosing to use SurePay Online to pay their monthly bills.

In addition to our four new billers above customers can use SurePay to pay their bills for:

Registering for a SurePay online account is simple – for a step by step breakdown on how to register for free, click here to watch this video on our Facebook Page or email