Taiwan commits further to human capacity building in St. Lucia

This summer marks the highlight of cooperation in human capacity building between Taiwan and Saint Lucia. In July and August, a total of 4 vocational training classes have been organised by Taiwan for their diplomatic allies in the Caribbean. 

So far, 18 experienced Saint Lucians have started on a 2-3 months training course to enhance their expertise in Chinese cooking, tourism and hospitality, motor vehicle mechanics and electronic engineering. 

In addition, 22 students have received scholarship from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) this year. 

This marks a dramatic 50% increase from last year and showcases the excellent performance of Saint Lucia’s young minds. These students will be studying for bachelor, master or doctoral degrees in Taiwan, majoring in various fields including agriculture, disaster management, engineering, business and medicine, etc.

Taiwan, will this year host the 38th International Vegetable Training Course. It will be attended by  Thaddeus Constantin, Acting Chief Agri-Enterprise Development Officer from the Ministry of Agriculture.