Taiwan Mission and Marketing Board signed contracts with farmers

The St Lucia Marketing Board together with the Taiwan Technical Mission in St. Lucia signed a contract agreement with 20 farmers on Wednesday November 4th, 2020.

This signing ceremony marks a significant milestone for both the St Lucia Marketing Board and the farmers and is one step closer geared towards reducing the import bill and sustaining our local economy.

The produce will be graded, sorted, cleaned, and packaged to international Food safety Standards. Farmers can now have the assurance of a secure market especially during this Covid- 19 pandemic where the market is unstable due to the closure of most hotels in St. Lucia.

The selected farmers will plant their produce using a production schedule where they will supply the St Lucia Marketing Board consistently throughout the year.

The contract will be on a six months basis if the farmer adheres to all the terms and conditions of the contract then the contract will be renewed after the six months.