Taiwan Technical Mission partners with IICA in Saint Lucia

The Ministry of Agriculture and Taiwan Technical Mission in Saint Lucia continues to work with local farmers in Saint Lucia, through our project to ‘Enhance the fruit and vegetable sector through production/distribution Supply chains’. 

One aspect of this project incorporates a Farmer’s Training Schedule that will cover each Agricultural Region in Saint Lucia. During the first round of training 4 Agricultural Regions were covered. 

In order to complete this training effectively, the Taiwan Technical Mission has collaborated with one of their partners in the industry, the Inter-American Institute for the Corporation on Agriculture (IICA) during this training. 

Mr. Brent Theophile, who is the National Specialist for the IICA Delegation in Saint Lucia, carried out the training and went to each of the Agricultural Regions mentioned to make his presentation on GAP Certification Measures. 

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) are voluntary audits that verify that fruits and vegetables are produced, packed, handled, and stored as safely as possible to minimize risks of microbial food safety hazards.

Mr. Theophile’s approach is therefore to propose a farmer certification framework for Saint Lucia, for which a proposal for a value-adding farmer certification creates a program that enhances standards adoption.