TASC launches shareable digital consumer newsletter

Travel Advisors Selling the Caribbean (TASC) has launched a product and lifestyle digital publication with sharable content curated specifically for consumers.

“Anywhere Caribbean” is a bi-weekly newsletter, launched in January 2021 as part of the TASCPro™️ Membership Services https://tastc.org/tasc-pro- membership.

It features destinations, excursions, news, and tips to increase consumer awareness of the range of Caribbean experiences on offer. The newsletter is presented in a shareable format that can either be disseminated via social media or email. Travel advisors

can customize the newsletter by adding their business contact information to ensure that they capture all of the leads that are generated.

“Anywhere Caribbean is designed to be a strategic marketing tie-in with TASC’s yearlong campaign “Gift the Caribbean” which highlights a different tourism niche every month. https://tastc.org/travel-blog/f/gift-the-caribbean

For the first issue in February, “Anywhere Caribbean” highlighted “The Gift of Romance” and Belize is positioned as the ultimate destination for Lovers. The issue also featured a list of “safe” Caribbean destinations that are open to receive guests for Valentine’s Day. The second of February issue will highlight St. Kitts and will focus on weddings, honeymoons and events.

Promotional video – “Gift the Caribbean” Campaign – The Gift of Romance https://youtu.be/NRehiOQBJhQ