The Business of Music Webinars series starts September 8th

ECCO is pleased to promote four (4) webinars on the Business of Music targeted at Caribbean Artistes and their Supporters.

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These training sessions are intended to introduce participants to the basic principles of Copyright, and explain how creative works – intangible property – can generate revenue streams for their creators. It is designed to be an accessible, plain language explanation of the basic principles of how songwriters and producers make money from the Business of Music.

In addition, one session will be devoted to the ACCS (Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies) Database, and how it is designed to facilitate and encourage the licensing of Caribbean music, particularly for use in the hospitality/tourism sectors.

At the conclusion of these sessions, the participants will be able to recognize: The basic features of copyright, and distinguish between the two primary types of copyrighted works in the music industry.

The webinars:

  • September 8th – Musical Composition and the Sound Recording
  • September 15th – Different kinds of licenses used in the Business of Music, and identify critical information required to license works
  • September 22nd : The ways in which producers and artistes earn money from recorded music in the Business of Music
  • September 28th: The purpose and features of the ACCS Licensing Database