The Queen’s Chain Q&A

A live television panel discussion on the Queen’s Chain was held on Sunday night on NTN.

The panel comprised: Hildreth Lewis, Deputy Permanent Secretary – Department of Physical Planning; Karen Augustin, Chief Physical Planning Officer and Henix Joseph, Commissioner of Crown Lands.

The topics discussed included the following:
– What is the Queen’s Chain? Its history, physical

location, description.–  Can the Queen’s chain be sold?

–  What does it mean to Lease the Queen’s chain?

–  When the Queen’s chain is leased how do locals get access?

–  Is a Queen’s chain lease only available to hotels and foreign entities?

–  Are all beaches in Saint Lucia included in the Queen’s chain?

–  What relationship does the Department of Physical planning have with organisations such as: NCA, SLNT, Archeological society?

–  Are Master Plans which are submitted or promoted final?

If you missed that discussion you can view it here