The UWI receives US$250,000 scholarships from CCRIF SPC

On November 26, CCRIF SPC (formerly The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility) presented a cheque for US$250,000 to The University of the West Indies (The UWI) for tuition scholarships for students in need of financial support.

Approximately US$108,000 of the funds are already allocated to undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for the first semester of the 2020/21 academic year.

This is comparable to the total amount traditionally contributed by CCRIF for merit scholarships on an annual basis since 2010. The remaining US$142,000 will cover the tuition fees of students, who due to the COVID-19 pandemic are finding it difficult to pay tuition and are at risk of not completing their studies.

According to CCRIF Board Member, Saundra Bailey, “Since 2010, CCRIF has provided The UWI with over 70 scholarships totaling US$761,230.

In addition to undergraduate student tuition, CCRIF has also provided scholarships for UWI alumni to study for postgraduate degrees in the USA and the UK as well as pursue internships at UWI Departments and Centres such as the Disaster Risk Reduction Centre, Climate Studies Group Mona and the Seismic Research Centre and other national and regional organisations involved in disaster risk management and meteorology.