The world’s most breathtaking cliff top hotels

When it comes to what makes a hotel truly spectacular, a cliff-side setting is hard to beat.

There can be little doubt then that some of the most breathtaking properties in existence happen to be perched dramatically on top of cliffs.

Commanding views, whether ocean, mountain or valley, coupled with enviable locales give these hotels endless allure — it’s no wonder they’re among the most coveted travel accommodations in the world.

“Properties on cliffs check the boxes for everything you want in a hotel stay,” says Josh Alexander, an adviser with Protravel, a travel company in New York City. “They’re romantic, private and usually very luxurious. Literally and figuratively, you feel like you’re on top of the world.”

These are hotels worth daydreaming about for future trips, even if the pandemic means a stay isn’t in your immediate future.
Among the world’s most jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, envy-inducing clifftop hotels is Secret Bay in Dominica.

Source CNN