Tourism Minister extends personal greeting to the Caribbean Region

Saint Lucia’s Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has commenced a series of video messages to Saint Lucia’s Key markets amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Minister Fedee Greeted the Caribbean Region through the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority’s (SLTA) @Caribcation platforms, extending a message of solidarity, hope and resiliency.

The Caribbean Region makes up Saint Lucia’s second largest market. In 2019 the destination welcomed over 65,000 Caribbean nationals and while COVID-19 has impeded travel, all efforts are geared at keeping the destination top of mind.

Marketing Manager for Caribbean and Events- Mr. Christopher Gustave commenting on the Video Message said; “Our Caribbean Brothers and Sisters are in our thoughts as we all navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19. We also want them to know that once our gateways are again accessible, we will be ready to welcome them with open arms.”