Trail to waterfall being developed in Fond St. Jacques

The Fond St. Jacques Development Committee in collaboration with the Youth Development arm of the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation and Nature’s Love Consultancy held a workshop on Wednesday 16th October, 2019.

The purpose of this workshop was the commencement of the planning phase associated with the implementation of the agro-tourism project, with particular emphasis on the En Bas Saut Trail.

Mr. Doninique Prospere; Member of the Fond St. Jacques Development Committee and representative of GIZ, an agency working with the committee, remarked that the project performed several important functions. Key among them, he stated, was addressing the poor agricultural practices that were believed to have contributed significantly to the amplification of the impacts of past hurricanes. 

For his part, Mr Johnson Simon of the SRDF expressed delight at the initiative, saying that, part of his organizations mandate was to partake in thrusts of this nature—which is using the organizations resources and expertise to aid in community development.