Training for First Hoop Greenhouse in the south

The Taiwan Technical Mission has held training for the Extension Officers and set up the first Hoop Greenhouse in the south.

On Monday February 25th 2020 extension officers were invited to a field day on the Taiwan technical Mission demonstration farm.

At this training extension officers where were able to observe the growth difference between plants inside the hoop greenhouse and that of which lies in the open field, citing that the growth rate in the hoop grossly exceeded that on the open field.

Now that the extension team has been trained in pruning techniques of honeydew & cantaloupe plants they now can go out and assist the farmers through the island. This technique will enable farmers to obtain uniformity in fruit sizes and improved fruit quality.

Following this training, The Taiwan Technical Mission is pleased to announce the establishment of the second demonstration hoop greenhouse in the small community of Grace, located in the south of the island. This set up was conducted on Wednesday February 2020 on the farm holding of Earl St. Marie who is a well-known farmer in the community.